What to Do in Estes Park

Know How to Get Around via Estes Park Free Shuttles
Know the ins and outs of how to get out and about  via Estes Park Free Shuttles. Get all the needed info and maps at Visit Estes Park.

Be in the Know via Local News Links

There's guaranteed fun every season in Estes Park. We have two newspapers to tell you all about it in stories and pictures:  The Estes Park Trail Gazette and the Estes Park News. Both have FaceBook pages that are easy to follow, to give you a taste of the Estes we love!

Nick Molle is an award-winning film maker and creator of Channel 8 It's your source for local news, flavored with famous documentaries (several on Rocky Mountain National Park) . Check it out!

Enjoy Estes via Arts District Events

It's a dedicated group passionate about art. Besides live music, theatre, poetry slams, concerts, festivals and art exhibits year round, the Estes Arts District sponsors First Friday Art Groove. It's a delightful local evening art walk on the first Friday of each month. In the summer, more than 14 galleries and art businesses are featured. It’s a wonderful celebration of all things artistic, plus an opportunity to meet many of our community artists, up close and personal. Check out estesartsdistrict.org to discover all the exciting events the District has to offer!

Discover Native Secrets via VisitEstesPark.com

Estes Park provides info to overflowing at  VisitEstesPark.com It is the place to find the most up-to-date tips on what to do and where to go while exploring Estes. We welcome guests from all over the world at the Estes Park Visitor Center located at the junction of Highways 34 and 36. A cadre of devoted locals volunteer their time to answer your questions about directions, best hikes, unforgettable sites, best bites, shuttle stops and pretty much everything  Estes...

Be Always Entertained via Abundant Wildlife!

Big Horn RamsElk are everywhere! Both Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park present a very healthy elk population. If you don't spot elk in the Park, chances are you'll find them strolling around town. They love the golf courses. Our elk have a free pass and go wherever they want. Who knows, you may fling open your shades in the morning and find yourself nose-to-nose with a statuesque group of elk.

There are several big horn sheep herds located in the Park, on the outskirts of Estes and in the Big Thompson Canyon. Watch carefully and you may catch the long-sought-after glimpse of these elusive characters.

Other wildlife include deer, bears, bobcats, fox, moose and coyotes. We always encourage you to keep a respectful distance to any of our wildlife friends.

Capture the Adventure or the Breathtaking Views via Our Prized Fourteener!

You won't be in Estes Park long without noticing the peak that eclipses all of them: Longs Peak. It's a favorite hike for the more fit — climbing 14,259 ft. Longs Peak takes some special preparation. We advise you to do your homework before attempting this. Visit The Estes Park Mountain Shop for expert advice.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park

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What to Do in Estes Park

What to Do in Estes Park

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