We are happy to provide SISTER SKY hospitality products!

SKYRUN ESTES PARK provides a complimentary starter set of shampoo, lotion and soap for our guests. We are excited to support a wonderful company, Sister Sky, and share their information with you.

From SisterSky.com
The story of Sister Sky begins with two sisters who grew up in a culture that has rich and meaningful plant traditions respecting nature’s own healing herbs from Mother Earth.
Our Native American grandmothers harvested a variety of plants like sweet grass, cedar and sage to make teas, ointments and creams. Ancient medicine came from plants and helped us maintain our health or cure us when we were ill.
The Sisters of Sister Sky.

Embracing the herbal wisdom of their heritage, the sisters enjoyed a weekend hobby of making natural soaps and lotions in their kitchens. ... Convinced their hobby was destined to be a business, the sisters quit their full time jobs, mixed up an extra-large batch of their products and Sister Sky was officially open for business!

Long ago, before medical technology was available, pioneer doctors relied on Native American knowledge of nature to treat illness. Our ancestors freely shared their healing knowledge of plants, roots and berries with early settlers. In fact, Native American herbal treatments were so effective, many have been refined into modern day medicine.

Today, Sister Sky creates body and hair care products with natural herbs and oils that were used for centuries by our ancestors. We infuse healing botanicals from our herbal heritage to nourish you naturally. As a Native American company, we're proud of the products we make using the same herbs grounded in our culture's healing traditions. Safe, gentle and effective; free of harsh chemicals; USA made and Mother Nature approved. What was used back then still works today. Naturally from Native Roots.

Sister Sky is owned by real life sisters, Monica Simeon and Marina TurningRobe, both enrolled citizens of the Spokane Tribe. In business since 1999, the sisters have built a family owned company that provides quality, natural body and hair care products inspired by Native American herbal wisdom. Sister Sky strives to make a positive impact through job creation and charitable giving. The company donates a portion of the Sweetgrass collection sales to Native American non-profits that promote culture, education, health and wellness

Sister Sky, a certified Native American, women owned company is approved by the Intertribal Agriculture Council to use the “Made by American Indians” trademark on the company’s natural hair and body care products.

The company distributes Sister Sky branded lotion, shampoo, conditioner body wash and soap nationally. Principal partners are real life sisters, Monica Simeon and Marina TurningRobe, both enrolled citizens of the Spokane Tribe in Washington State.

The “Made by American Indians” trademark assists consumers in identifying authentic American Indian produced goods. According to the United States Department of Commerce, as much as 20% of the estimated $1 billion spent annually on Indian goods is spent on fake imitations not produced by Native Americans.

The “Made by American Indians” trademark was registered with the U.S. Patent Office in January of 1995. The authority for licensing the use of the trademark is vested in the Intertribal Agriculture Council of Billings, Montana.

According to the Intertribal Agriculture Council, the “Made by American Indians” trademark should serve as an expression of tradition, culture and pride. Through increased use of the trademark on Indian products, Native American producers will begin to realize a larger market share while the consumer will gain a heightened awareness of the meaning of the trademark.

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