Guest Services - Property Damage Coverage

SkyRun Estes Park Property Damage Protection

In lieu of the standard damage deposit required by most vacation rental management companies, SkyRun Estes Park charges a non-refundable fee of $49.00 for a Property Damage Protection Waiver on each reservation. The waiver covers damage by the guest to the property up to $1,500 as long as the damage is accidental and reported to SkyRun Estes Park, via email or text, prior to your departure. It does not cover damage that is willful, the result of negligence or damage caused by the misuse of household items. It also does not cover unreported damage. Because of this policy, SkyRun Estes Park doesn't charge our guests a damage deposit that must be refunded. 

If during your stay, you damage the real or personal property assigned to that Vacation Rental Home, SkyRun will cover the cost of repairs or the cost to replace the damage up to an amount not to exceed $1,500. Should the cost of the damage exceed $1,500 or does not meet the criteria for a “covered loss” stated above and the property owner's insurance policy also does not cover the loss, you will be responsible for the full amount of the damage which will be charged to the credit card which we will have on file. For your convenience, coverage is provided to you and all traveling companions that are registered in the home overnight during your stay.

Coverage is not provided for loss due to:

  1. Your intentional acts or gross negligence. 
  2. Any damage that occurs if you are in violation of the terms and conditions of your occupancy of the property (including but not limited to having more than maximum occupancy or having a party).
  3. Loss, theft or damage to any personal effects owned by you or brought on the covered stay by you. 
  4. Loss, theft or damage caused by any person other than you or your traveling companions with whom you share the property reservation unless substantiated by a police report.

Your Duties in the Event of Damage. You must:

  1. Take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the property and prevent further damage to it.
  2. SkyRun Estes Park must have a written report of this damage in order to process the claim. To provide this report, you may email or call Sky Run Estes Park (970-235-5550) to notify our Team and arrange how the report can be written prior to check-out.
  3. Provide us documentation such as pictures to substantiate the claim.