Vacation Rental FAQs

How do I know I'm getting the best vacation rental?
You get to see numerous photos, maps, amenities and guest book comments about the property you'll be renting. Our Team has first-hand knowledge of each rental, so feel free to call us at 970-235-5550 or 844.SKYRUN-8, if you have any questions at all.

What's included in my Vacation Rental?
Our vacation rentals come fully furnished with TVs, high-speed internet, linens, towels, microwave, dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials. We provide a few hospitality items to get your stay started: conditioning shampoo, lotion, bar soap, tissues, toilet tissue, paper towels, coffee & filters, dish soap, dishwasher detergent, trash bags and a new sponge. You may need to purchase additional items according to your length of stay. Remember to refer to individual listings for specific offerings per home and feel free to call if needed.

How do I get the best deal?
Our prices are competitive, but with professional polish, including travel insurance, a free damage waiver and 24/7 on-site assistance from our Team, should the need arise. In addition, we offer exclusive discounts from local SkyCard business partners, to SkyRun Estes Park Guests and Owners. We also offer last-minute booking specials.

How does travel insurance work?
Travel insurance is added by default when you book a property with us. However, you have the option to remove it at your discretion.  The cost is 7% of your reservation.  If you do not have travel insurance, you cannot cancel your reservation for any reason. If you have insurance and you cancel for any covered reason (basically anything other than a change of mind), you can get all or part of your reservation payment back. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the travel insurance option.

How do I make a claim for travel insurance?
Call Royal Adventure Insurance directly at 1-888-933-1113 if you need to make a claim. Then call SkyRun Estes Park to let us know how we can assist you with your new plans.

How do I rent a property?  
You can rent any of our properties by booking directly on this website using a credit card or you can call if you prefer to speak with one of our Team Members to reserve your vacation remtal home. We require a $250.00 deposit to reserve your Vacation Rental, plus acceptance of SkyRun Estes Park Terms & Conditions.

What are the deposit and payment terms?
Within 30 days of making your reservation, you agree to make a payment to SkyRun Estes Park that is 50% of the total rental amount less the initial $250.00 deposit. Sixty days prior to your arrival date, or before, you agree to pay the remaining 50% of the rental amount to SkyRun Estes Park via credit card. Travel Insurance will be included by default, unless you decline. We strongly recommend Travel Insurance to give you peace of mind and protect you in the event of unexpected circumstances. 

How do I check in?
For most properties, SkyRun Estes Park utilizes a convenient personalized virtual key code which removes the need for a hard key, or the challenges of keeping up with an actual key. This also saves you from having to go to an actual check-in center. Our virtual check-in is seamless. Upon entering your Vacation Rental Home, your welcome basket will immediately make your Estes destination your home away from home. Remember, if you have any questions, check out the information-packed SkyRun app. If you have further questions,  feel free to contact our SkyRun Estes Team at 970-235-5550 844-SKYRUN-8

What rules apply to the properties?
All homes are non-smoking. Your fuzzy pet friends must stay home (unless a vacation rental home is specifically designated as pet-friendly). No parties exceeding the number of people the property sleeps are allowed in the Vacation Rental Home at any time. As in your own home, guests are, of course, subject to citations for noise violations, etc, by local authorities. Remember you are staying as a guest in someone's home, where much investment has been made to make your stay enjoyable. Thank you in advance for treating all private property with the respect it deserves.